Predict the future value of your customers with AI

Smart business decisions start with an accurate understanding of the true value of your customers. Our Predictive LTV Model calculates the lifetime values of past, current, and future customers to help you grow a more profitable and sustainable D2C brand.

Learn exactly how much to spend in customer acquisition

Let the data dictate your ad spend. Calculate your ROAS and LTV/CAC ratios for any subset of customers, and get predictions on CAC payback times for every new cohort.

Find your highest (and lowest) value customers

Discover which customers drive your present and future profits, then leverage their transaction data to find more of them.

Become a data-driven brand

Our machine-learning predictive model is built on the transaction history of millions of customers across thousands of D2C brands, giving you the opportunity to base all of your marketing, sales, and product development strategies on tried-and-true analytics.

What the leading D2C brands say about us

Incredible breakdown by cohorts and easy to digest data, I've used Lifetimely as part of my core stack for over 20+ Shopify brands I look after and nothing comes close to ease of use, price and support / input from the team.
Ben Acott
Head of Product, Feastables

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