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Lifetime value and marketing analytics tailored for D2C brands

Start making more profitable business decisions backed by the most accurate customer behavior data and month-to-month LTV projections of any Shopify app.

Trusted by 3000+ D2C brands

All your data under one roof

From Google Analytics to Recharge, Facebook Ads to TikTok, we’ll pull from any source to ensure your data is complete and accurate.

360° view of past customers

What percentage of customers return to buy X after buying Y? What’s the average gap between repurchases? Learn your customers’ spending habits and track your D2C KPIs with comprehensive customer behavior analytics.

Future LTV predictions for every customer

It’s like cohort analysis on steroids - our machine-learning Predictive LTV model forecasts what each customer will spend, which segments are at risk of churn, and how much revenue you’ll earn month-to-month.

Industry-specific benchmarks

Are your repurchase rates competitive? How do your AOVs and CACs compare to similar Shopify stores? Leverage our industry-level data to identify areas for improvement and set achievable metric targets.

Unlimited custom dashboards

Take control of your metric tracking. Decide which KPIs most need your attention - from high-level P&L metrics to detailed marketing campaign data - and easily arrange them into beautiful and comprehensive dashboards for your team.

Complete P&L tracking

Add and integrate all your costs, from COGS to shipping fees, to maintain an up-to-date P&L statement and build out a true financial model of your business.

What the leading D2C brands say about us

Really loving Lifetimely. Bringing a ton of new insight to our business and just scratching the surface with what we can use it for. Highly recommend using it asap if you're trying to smartly scale your business.
Hamid Saify
VP of Ecommerce at Liquid Death Mountain Water

What the leading D2C brands say about us

This app is great. I no longer have to crunch in Excel what I should (but don’t) get from an analytics service that I pay much more for. The LTV and repurchase rate metrics are executed well, and that’s exactly what you need. But there are also good features to slice and dice - by first product ordered, etc. Highly recommend.
Bharat Ayyar
General Manager at Sunsoil

What the leading D2C brands say about us

Great app. Automates what we had been doing manually for some time. Every e-commerce business needs to be running LTV and this is a great app by a smart developer with experience actually owning an e-shop that delivers. Looking forward to new features in the near future.
John Cascarano
Founder at

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