Lifetimely vs Peel Insights

A quick look at how Peel Insights’ features and pricing compare to Lifetimely.

Whether you’re new to the market, looking to make a switch, or simply curious about what else is out there, it’s helpful to have at least a high-level understanding of the major solutions available to you.

Here, we break down the key selling points and differences between Lifetimely and Peel Insights.

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Peel Insights

Pricing not tied to store revenue

All basic integrations (Google, FB, etc.)

Integrations with all other major ad platforms (Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok)

(No Snapchat)

Other integrations

(see below)

(see below)

Comprehensive P&L metrics

Campaign-level marketing metrics

Advanced customization options

Lifetime Value cohort analysis

Month-to-month LTV projections

Industry benchmarks


Key points

Lifetimely offers similar or better versions of all of Peel Insights' plans at more affordable prices

Peel Insights’ pricing increases with your revenue up to $1000/month despite providing the same set of features

Lifetimely's free plan includes all features (up to 50 orders per month) while Peel doesn't offer a free plan

Lifetimely’s pricing is based on the number of orders a business processes each month, with five distinct tiers ranging from $49 to $999 per month. This model allows businesses to choose a plan that closely matches their current volume, providing a cost-effective solution that scales with their growth. In contrast, Peel’s pricing starts at a higher baseline, with three main plans (Essentials, Accelerate, and Tailored) priced at $449, $809, and customized rates, respectively. This makes Peel Insights less accessible for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

Lifetimely offers all its features across all pricing tiers, ensuring that even the smallest plans have access to the full suite of tools, including predictive LTV modeling, customer behavior analytics, and daily profit and loss reports. This approach ensures that every customer, regardless of their size, benefits from comprehensive analytics capabilities. Peel Insights, on the other hand, offers higher-priced plans that include more advanced features like custom reports and direct data exports, which may not be accessible to users on the lower-tier plan.

All Lifetimely plans includes a long list of features (month-to-month LTV projections, industry benchmarks, LTV drivers and more) that Peel Insights lacks even in their custom-priced tier.


Key points

Lifetimely and Peel Insights share most of the same integrations, plus support for both Shopify and Amazon

Peel Insights can incorporate customer survey data via an integration with KnoCommerce

Lifetimely has integrations with a few more ad platforms and shipping solutions

Peel Insights has integrations with more subscription services such as Smatrr and Awtomic


Addition, Amazon, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Microsoft Ads, Klaviyo, Pinterest Ads, ReCharge, ShipBob, ShipStation, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads

Peel Insights*

Amazon, Attentive, Facebook Ads, Fairing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Kno Commerce, Microsoft Ads, Pinterest Ads, ReCharge, Slack, TikTok Ads, and several lesser-known subscription platforms
(*as of summer 2023)

Metrics and Reporting

Key points

Lifetimely’s and Peel Insights’ P&L metrics and marketing metrics are comprehensive and roughly equivalent

Both Lifetimely and Peel Insights calculate LTV via cohort analysis with additional metrics and filters

Lifetimely’s LTV reporting is significantly more robust

P&L metrics

Despite some variation in terms, definitions, and presentation, both Lifetimely and Peel Insights provide a comprehensive list of P&L metrics including campaign-level marketing data.

A few potentially meaningful differences:

  • Lifetimely includes more inventory data (metrics like inventory value, sales velocity, and days of stock left)

LTV and other advanced metrics

Like Lifetimely, Peel Insights applies cohort analysis to calculate customer lifetime value (LTV). They provide some alternative metrics for measuring LTV, they offer useful filtering capabilities to further segment your cohorts, and they have additional customer behavior reports on repurchase rates and other metrics.

But overall, Lifetimely’s customer behavior reports - especially the LTV report - are much more robust. They include more LTV metrics, more filtering options, and more tools for deriving actionable insights from your data.

Lifetimely also includes several tools and reports that make your advanced metrics much easier to understand and act on (Peel Insights lacks all of these):

  • CAC breakeven analysis to identify where profit generated from each cohort surpasses the cost of acquiring customers in that cohort

  • Compare cohorts feature for apples-to-apples comparisons of how different customer traits influence LTV

  • Customer product journey maps for planning effective winback campaigns

  • LTV drivers report for automated insights on the factors underlying your highest and lowest LTV customers

But perhaps the biggest differentiator is that Lifetimely is the only app to offer month-to-month projections of LTV. We’ll cover this below.

Lifetime Value Report with predictive data

Other major features and selling points

Key points

Peel Insights has several convenient tools for dashboards and report customization

Almost all of Peel Insights features are offered by other apps

Lifetimely is the only app on the market with monthly LTV projections, industry benchmarks, and other automated reports

Where Peel Insights distinguishes itself is with its customization options for the main dashboard and for basic reports. They allow you to cherrypick the metrics and reports to feature in your dashboard, and they have a convenient feature that allows you to add your own notes or comments to reports. You can also build your own daily/weekly reports with your choice of metrics and display them in Slack.

But Peel Insights doesn’t have any sort of “hook”. Virtually all of their features have equivalents in Lifetimely and in most other alternatives.

On the other hand, Lifetimely includes several major features that no other competitor can offer. Among these, the highest value-adds are:

  • Month-to-month LTV projections: Many apps measure historical LTV, but only Lifetimely gives you AI-generated projections of how much each of your cohorts will continue to spend over time. These LTV projections are the most actionable metrics available for revenue forecasting, financial planning, and customer-centric marketing.

  • Industry benchmarks: Our Benchmarks tool shows you how your KPIs stack up versus your competitors by charting your major metrics on a bell curve of other Shopify stores. This helps you set achievable business goals and identify which metrics have the greatest room for improvement. No other app on the market has a comparable tool.

Benchmarks against other stores in your category

Conclusion - which is best for you?

Peel Insights is a good option if:

  • You're primarily looking for software to generate and share custom reports with a team, especially via Slack

  • Pricing and LTV analytics are lesser factors in your decision

Otherwise, the Lifetimely plans offers much stronger sets of features and integrations at significantly more affordable prices.

The Lifetimely entry level plan is almost 10 times more affordable than Peel Insights cheapest plan.

For stores with higher sales volume, you can save over 6x on a Lifetimely subscription vs Peel Insights, with all features included.

If you’d like to give us a try, you can sign up for our F plan or give one of our premium plans a free 14-day trial here.

And if you have any questions, just shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

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August 1, 2022
This app is phenomenal! Great insights, easy to set up and amazing customer service. This program helped me turn a lot of manual calculations into an insightful cohort that you can toggle between several data points. Would highly recommend.
July 7, 2022
Incredible breakdown by cohorts and easy to digest data, I've used Lifetimely as part of my core stack for over 20+ Shopify brands I look after and nothing comes close to ease of use, price and support / input from the team.
Liquid Death Mountain Water
June 20, 2022
Really loving Lifetimely. Bringing a ton of new insight to our business and just scratching the surface with what we can use it for. Highly recommend using it asap if you're trying to smartly scale your business.
June 20, 2022
Lifetimely is definitely one of the top few apps that you need in your store. I can't believe I went years without a profit dashboard before installing it. The customer cohort analysis is essential to determine your most valuable customer types so that you can target more of them. The founder also provided a ton of great advice on our call.
Waken Mouthcare
May 30, 2022
We absolutely love Lifetimely. It is an absolutely essential app for anyone running their own store. Not only does it make it easy to look at the key stats that will drive the success of your business, the customer support is fantastic. We have even had direct advice from the app's founder and it was extremely valuable. If we could give this app 6 stars we would!
True Classic
May 4, 2022
This is THE BEST LTV app I've seen on Shopify! Super simple to set up & get incredibly powerful insights instantly (and for a much more reasonable price than other analytics software out there). They're also constantly innovating and building new features to enhance the platform. Highly recommend.
Nutra Nourished
November 25, 2021
Unbelievable good tool to get transparency and clarity on the real value of customers and product contribution. Great customer support, I can recommend this app to every Shopify store owner. Buying the LTV app was one of the best decisions I have made.
Truth Superfoods
September 20, 2021
This is an absolutely essential app for success and understanding of customer trends. The insights are accurate, extremely valuable and the team behind the app are first class in their knowledge and support. Ive been using this in 3 businesses for 12months and love it!
Mason Bottle
June 28, 2021
We learned a TON about our customers from using this app. It really helped us clarify the most important next steps for growing the business. The app is very easy to use and the folks we interacted with at the company were so helpful. I would highly recommend that every business owner use Lifetimely and keep a close eye on the data points it provides!

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