Plans designed to fit your D2C brand

Unlike other solutions, our pricing stays the same as your business scales. Lifetimely comes in three different plans:
Profit & Loss
per month
+$20 for dashboards
Pull all your costs into one place to know your daily P&L
For shops just getting started or with just one-time purchase products.
Track your profits on a single dashboard
Pull your cost data from Facebook, Google, Tiktok and Snapchat Ads
Set up your custom spends and recurring costs
Get a daily email report to your inbox each morning
Build custom dashboards with your choice of KPIs and campaign-level marketing metrics
Requires an additional subscription of $20 / month for being enabled
Analyze the past
per month
Understand your customers' past behaviour and historical LTV
For young brands with less than 12 months of order history or <1000 new customers each month.
Includes everything in Basic plus:
Build custom dashboards with your choice of KPIs and campaign-level marketing metrics
Analyze the historical customer LTV with cohort analysis
Calculate CAC payback period and know how much to spend to acquire new customers
Understand historical customer behavior with reports for repurchase rate, time lag between purchases and many more
Integrations for Google Analytics & ReCharge
Forecast the future
per month
Forecast your customers' future value and behavior with predictive modeling
For D2C brands with consumable products with +12 months of order history or acquiring +1000 new customers each month.
Includes everything in Pro plus:
Predict your customer LTV and future behavior with AI
Find what attributes drive the high LTV customers
Get monthly sales forecast for your existing customer base
Calculate your Customer Equity
Coming soon
Can I schedule a sales demo?
No - not having salespeople on staff helps us keep pricing low, but we offer a 14 day free trial to try us out!
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply uninstalling the Lifetimely app from your Shopify store. We will then stop any upcoming billing and permanently remove your Lifetimely account data within 48 hours.
Is there a free trial for the PLUS plan?
There's no free trial of the PLUS plan, but we'll offer a full refund if you're not satisfied with our predictive modeling after the first 30 days.
Is my store data safe with you?
Your data is absolutely safe with us. We keep up with all security patches, and all connections to our databases are internal network only. We’re happy to answer any specific concerns regarding data security - just send us a message at
Can I connect multiple stores?
We plan on supporting this ability soon, but for now, each Lifetimely account can connect to only one Shopify store.

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