Build powerful and versatile dashboards

Track your choice of KPIs, reports, and marketing metrics in beautiful and easy-to-build dashboards that integrate data from every source.

Dashboards for every use case

With no limit to the number of dashboards you can build, each team member can easily select and monitor the KPIs that matter to their role.

Any metric, any format

Create modules for any metric, then drag, drop, and resize into comprehensive and organized layouts.

All your marketing data in one place

Integrate each of your marketing sources to keep an eye on everything from blended ad spend to campaign-specific ROAS.

Cross-platform comparisons

Create modules with apples-to-apples comparisons of how your campaign-level marketing data varies across each ad platform.

What the leading D2C brands say about us

We have looked at a ton of LTV apps and this was the most user friendly one by far. This helps us analyze our unit economics and inform our investment decisions in a highly educated way. The P&L tool is also great as it helps manage cash flows and make sure our costs are not going off based on a weekly basis.
Caleb Wang
Co-Founder, The XCJ

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