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For years, we’ve helped D2C brands at every stage of development discover their true customer LTVs and learn everything possible about the customers who drive their profits.
We have looked at a ton of LTV apps and this was the most user friendly one by far. This helps us analyze our unit economics and inform our investment decisions in a highly educated way. The P&L tool is also great as it helps manage cash flows and make sure our costs are not going off based on a weekly basis.
Caleb Wang
Co-Founder, The XCJ
Lifetimely is a very cool and valuable app. I was able to get cohort analysis without having to crunch through hundreds of thousands of rows of spreadsheets. Karri, the founder, went out of his way to deploy performance improvements and took the time to walk me through our data, which was a surprising and awesome value add!
Adam Block
CFO at Vinyl Me, Please
Really loving Lifetimely. Bringing a ton of new insight to our business and just scratching the surface with what we can use it for. Highly recommend using it asap if you're trying to smartly scale your business.
Hamid Saify
VP of Ecommerce at Liquid Death Mountain Water
This app is great. I no longer have to crunch in Excel what I should (but don’t) get from an analytics service that I pay much more for. The LTV and repurchase rate metrics are executed well, and that’s exactly what you need. But there are also good features to slice and dice - by first product ordered, etc. Highly recommend.
Bharat Ayyar
General Manager at Sunsoil
Great app. Automates what we had been doing manually for some time. Every e-commerce business needs to be running LTV and this is a great app by a smart developer with experience actually owning an e-shop that delivers. Looking forward to new features in the near future.
John Cascarano
Founder at GetBeast.com
This app is great value for money. It helped us identify types of orders that were unprofitable, days of the week where to pull back ad spend, and better gauge the true success of our marketing efforts. I would recommend this to any company where there are 100+ orders a day and your having trouble identifying how to become more profitable.
Brian Hahn

What the leading D2C brands say about us

Lifetimely is an incredibly helpful tool! We were more or less guessing about our retention / LTV metrics and Lifetimely fixed all of that for us. We definitely have a stronger handle on what we can spend on CAC etc. Highly recommend!
Steven Vigilante
Growth Marketing Manager at OLIPOP

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