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See how Lifetimely stacks up versus other Shopify analytics apps to decide what’s best for your business.

Hey there! If you’ve found this page, you’re probably either new to the market or wondering if a change in analytics software is right for you.

Of course, we would love to have you with us. We think that Lifetimely delivers the most useful features at the greatest value, which has made us the leading Shopify app in the industry.

But different businesses have different needs. And depending on your budget and the features you’re looking for, you might be better off with one of our competitors.

To help you compare the leading solutions on the market, we’ve broken down the main features and selling points of each app while addressing FAQs of potential subscribers. We’ll take you through these considerations at a high-level first, and then with individual pages that compare Lifetimely with each major alternative.


Peel Insights




Polar Analytics

All plans under $150/mo

Pricing not tied to revenue

All basic integrations (Google, FB, Bing)

Integrations with all other major ad platforms (Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok)

Other integrations

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

(see below)

Comprehensive P&L metrics

Advanced Customization Options

Lifetime Value cohort analysis

Month-to-month LTV projections

Industry benchmarks

What do most Shopify analytics solutions cost?

How much you pay generally depends on which features you want, which integrations you need, and how big your store is (in terms of revenue or order volume).

In general, you can expect to pay:

  • $20-50 a month for no frills P&L tracking at relatively low volumes

  • $50-150 a month for more advanced analytics or if you have a medium-sized store

  • Several hundred dollars a month for niche integrations or if you have a large store

What makes Lifetimely different is that we’re the only major Shopify analytics app that doesn’t tie pricing to the revenue of your store. All four of our plans are under $150/month no matter how much you scale. This makes our pricing both the simplest and most affordable on the market.

Let’s look at some examples of how much you’ll pay in different scenarios:

Example store A
· 250 orders a month
· Only want basic P&L tracking

Example store B
· 1000 orders a month
· Want P&L metrics, LTV cohort analysis, and other advanced reports

Example store C
· 2000+ orders a month
· Want full access to premium features and integrations



Peel Insights




Store A

FREE or $34


FREE or $79

$40 or more#


Store B


$200 or more*

$79 or more*

(but no cohort analysis)

$155 or more#

$299 or more*

(but no cohort analysis)

Store C


Custom pricing

Custom pricing

$450 or more*

Custom pricing

* Depends on revenue
# BeProfit charges up to $0.30 per extra order above your plan's order limit
✝ Glew requires a minimum 12-month subscription

Which apps have the integrations I need?

You can expect almost every app to integrate with Facebook/Instagram Ads, Microsoft/Bing Ads, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

Beyond that, you can refer below to see which apps accommodate which integrations.*

Lifetimely: Google Sheets, Klaviyo, Magento, Pinterest Ads, ReCharge, ShipBob, ShipStation, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads

Peel Insights: Klaviyo, Kno Commerce, ReCharge, Slack, TikTok Ads

Glew: Very long list of niche integrations that you can refer to here. Many require a custom-priced plan. Some common ones like Pinterest Ads are lacking.

BeProfit: Aliexpress, Amazon, Outbrain, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, Taboola, TikTok Ads, Wix, Woo

Omniconvert: Gorgias, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Sendgrid (but no Microsoft/Bing Ads integration)

Polar Analytics: Criteo, Klaviyo, Pinterest Ads, ReCharge, Snapchat Ads, TikTok ads

(*Competitor integrations current to summer 2022)

Does every app have the same basic P&L metrics and reports?

Every Shopify app pulls the majority of P&L data straight from Shopify. This means that you likely won’t see much variation in the data itself aside for minor differences in names or definitions.

But there’s a major gap between apps in how easy they make it to 1) review your most important metrics and 2) quickly identify potentially concerning trends in your data.

The key thing to look for is customization options. Does the app allow you to build and organize your own dashboards with your choice of metrics and reports? Can you set custom alerts to notify you if a metric drops above or below a defined range? Can you set custom goals and targets?

Lifetimely, Peel Insights, and Glew offer all of the above.‍

BeProfit and Polar Analytics offer very basic customization, essentially only allowing you to decide whether or not to include certain metrics in your home dashboard.

And Omniconvert doesn’t offer any customizations at all - all customers are limited to stock reports.

Do different apps have different Lifetime Value calculations?

Yes. Once you go beyond fundamental P&L metrics and move into more advanced analytics and reports, you’ll start to find major differences between apps.

These differences are most apparent and most critical with Lifetime Value calculations. For LTV figures to hold up to any measure of accuracy, reliability, and actionability, they MUST be calculated using cohort analysis.

Lifetimely, Peel Insights, BeProfit, and Polar Analytics all calculate LTV with cohort analysis. Among these four, Lifetimely offers the most options for much more detailed segmentation and analysis.

On the other hand, both Glew and Omniconvert calculate LTV with extremely simplified equations that are functionally useless. This is a major faux pas for what should be the most insightful and actionable advanced metric in your arsenal, and it should be a major consideration in your choice of software.

What features does Lifetimely have that competitors don’t?

Lifetime Value Report with predictive data

Lifetimely has always had the most sophisticated Lifetime Value calculations and cohort analysis on the market. We’re also the only app that offers month-to-month projections of LTV. These AI-generated projections are incredibly useful for revenue forecasting and financial planning.

Benchmarks against other stores in your category

Another differentiator is our Benchmarks tool, which scores your store’s performance versus your competitors and charts your major metrics on a bell curve of Shopify businesses in your industry. No other app offers a comparable alternative.

Lifetime Value Drivers

Our LTV Drivers report is another unique feature. This report gives you automated insights about the products, tags, and discount codes that are most effective in increasing average LTV. In other words, the report pulls out the data that gives you the most leverage for making customer-centric decisions for your business.

Our focus has always been to ship the features that will have the greatest impact on actionability and decision-making. We also build what our members want! You can see our user-generated product roadmap here:

What features do competitors have that Lifetimely doesn’t?

Every app’s features depend on its integrations, so the few features that Lifetimely lacks generally relate to the integrations that we haven’t built yet.

For example, Peel Insights' integration with Slack makes it easier to share reports internally with a team. Another example is BeProfit’s compatibility with Wix and Woo platforms, which give it more versatility for sellers with a more diverse portfolio of shops (whereas for now we're focused only on Shopify).

Some apps are also more CRM-oriented. Glew has a beautiful CRM that allows you to open up individual customer profiles and analyze an individual customer’s likelihood of churning. This is a great option for sellers who prioritize metrics on the level of the individual.

Of course, no one app will have every feature, and it’s up to you to decide which features are most important to you and which option provides those features for the greatest value.

If Lifetimely is one of the options you’re considering, we hope you give us a shot! You can sign up for our Free plan or give one of our premium plans a free 14-day trial here.

And if you have any questions about any of the features we offer, feel free to send us a message at We’d love to hear from you!

For more information on how we stack up vs a specific alternative, you can click on one of the profiles below for more detail.

Detailed comparison

See how Lifetimely stacks up versus other Shopify analytics apps to decide what’s best for your business.
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August 1, 2022
This app is phenomenal! Great insights, easy to set up and amazing customer service. This program helped me turn a lot of manual calculations into an insightful cohort that you can toggle between several data points. Would highly recommend.
July 7, 2022
Incredible breakdown by cohorts and easy to digest data, I've used Lifetimely as part of my core stack for over 20+ Shopify brands I look after and nothing comes close to ease of use, price and support / input from the team.
Liquid Death Mountain Water
June 20, 2022
Really loving Lifetimely. Bringing a ton of new insight to our business and just scratching the surface with what we can use it for. Highly recommend using it asap if you're trying to smartly scale your business.
June 20, 2022
Lifetimely is definitely one of the top few apps that you need in your store. I can't believe I went years without a profit dashboard before installing it. The customer cohort analysis is essential to determine your most valuable customer types so that you can target more of them. The founder also provided a ton of great advice on our call.
Waken Mouthcare
May 30, 2022
We absolutely love Lifetimely. It is an absolutely essential app for anyone running their own store. Not only does it make it easy to look at the key stats that will drive the success of your business, the customer support is fantastic. We have even had direct advice from the app's founder and it was extremely valuable. If we could give this app 6 stars we would!
True Classic
May 4, 2022
This is THE BEST LTV app I've seen on Shopify! Super simple to set up & get incredibly powerful insights instantly (and for a much more reasonable price than other analytics software out there). They're also constantly innovating and building new features to enhance the platform. Highly recommend.
Nutra Nourished
November 25, 2021
Unbelievable good tool to get transparency and clarity on the real value of customers and product contribution. Great customer support, I can recommend this app to every Shopify store owner. Buying the LTV app was one of the best decisions I have made.
Truth Superfoods
September 20, 2021
This is an absolutely essential app for success and understanding of customer trends. The insights are accurate, extremely valuable and the team behind the app are first class in their knowledge and support. Ive been using this in 3 businesses for 12months and love it!
Mason Bottle
June 28, 2021
We learned a TON about our customers from using this app. It really helped us clarify the most important next steps for growing the business. The app is very easy to use and the folks we interacted with at the company were so helpful. I would highly recommend that every business owner use Lifetimely and keep a close eye on the data points it provides!

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