New Feature: Automated shipping cost imports

February 23, 2023

Unless all of your shipping logistics are managed by a single 3PL provider that’s integrated with Lifetimely (ShipStation, ShipBob, or Shopify Shipping), you’ve probably invested a decent amount of time in making sure that all of your shipping costs are properly accounted for in Lifetimely.

And although we continue to add as many options for entering your shipping cost calculation logic as we can, we know that some sellers still rely on the “last resort” option of importing CSV files that associate order IDs with their exact costs. It’s an effective solution, but it’s not exactly helping you to escape spreadsheet hell!

So with our latest update, we took the same functionality used in the Google Sheets - Custom Costs integration we announce last month, and expanded it to include shipping costs.

This means that instead of importing shipping costs via CSV, you can simply add them to a single Google Sheet, and we’ll automatically sync the data to Lifetimely every six hours.

This feature is available on all plans, and you’ll only have to link your Google Sheet once.

How to connect a Google Sheet for easier shipping cost tracking:

  1. Go to your Shipping costs tab in Costs & expenses
  2. Click the blue "Import costs" button
  3. Click "Sync Google Sheet"
  4. Authenticate the connection in your Google account
  5. Back in your Lifetimely account, click on the "Make a copy of this Google Sheet" link to download a template of the required format
  6. Click File>Make a copy
  7. Enter your shipping costs into the spreadsheet
  8. Copy a link to your Google Sheet
  9. Return to Lifetimely and paste the link into the pop-up window
  10. Click "Save" and allow up to two hours for the initial sync to complete (depending on the number of entries)

If you have any questions about the new feature or run into any issues with the the integration process, just send us a message at, and we'll help get you sorted!