New Report: Cohort Breakdown

February 9, 2023

Do you know which of your products correspond to your highest LTV customers? What about product types, SKUs, order tags, and discount codes?

With a small catalog of products, there are plenty of reports in Lifetimely that can give you quick answers.

But what if you have 5000 products? It's not very feasible to come through and select specific products to compare with the Compare Cohorts tool.

Enter the new Cohort Breakdown report. Instead of hand-picking individual variables for comparison, you can simply choose a category (products, customer tags, etc.), and you’ll see a full breakdown of month-to-month LTVs for each item within that category.

And all the other report parameters you’re used to - timeframes, filters, LTV metrics - are still available to help you further analyze your data.

Report features

You can find your Cohort Breakdown in the "Lifetime value" section of your sidebar (non-PRO/PLUS members will have to upgrade to access the report).

1. You choose how to segment your customers

The fundamental difference between this report and the LTV report is that the Cohort breakdown calculates LTV as a function of any variable you choose in the "Breakdown by" drop-down menu.

Options are: Product, Product type, Product SKU, Product variant, Discount code, Order tag, Customer tag, and Country

2. Cohorts are automatically ranked by size

To help you focus on the variables with the greatest impact on your business, your breakdown lists your cohorts by the number of new customers who bought each product/variant/SKU, match each order/customer tag, etc.

You can use the page numbers in the bottom right of the report to click through more results.

3. Analyze specific cohorts and/or customers with filters or search

The full list of filters available to you in the LTV report are also available here, as well as a search function to help you find specific products, tags, etc.

(The LTV report's array of options for date ranges, timeframes, and LTV metrics are also included.)

Any comments, ideas, or questions about the report? We'd love to hear them! Just send us a message at