Introducing Custom Dashboards (beta)

May 30, 2022

A free trial of the beta version of Dashboards is now enabled for all users!

Let’s do a quick walkthrough of all the new features available to you.

What's included in Dashboards

You can think of the new Dashboards tab as a much more customizable and marketing data-heavy addition to your Income Statement.

Whereas the Income Statement can get overwhelming with its laundry list of P&L metrics, Dashboards allows you to create customizable widgets for just the KPIs and reports that are most relevant to you, and then arrange them as you like in your own unique dashboard(s).

Dashboards also takes you much deeper into your marketing data, offering campaign-level data such as ad spend, CPC, CPM, ROAS, and conversions for every ad platform (integration with Facebook still in development).

And to give you the most real-time data possible, metrics are refreshed hourly instead of daily.

How to get started

To start working on your first dashboard:

  1. Go to the new Dashboards tab
  2. Click the blue “New dashboard” button
  3. Click “Add report”
  4. Select a metric (or multiple metrics) for your new widget and click "Add to dashboard"

There are three categories of widget you can add to your dashboard:

  • Metrics - choose from 40+ different P&L metrics (essentially cherry-picking metrics from your income statement)
  • Marketing - choose from 10+ different campaign-level marketing metrics, drawing from any ad platform and excluding any irrelevant campaigns
  • Reports - choose to display condensed versions of your LTV report and repurchase rate reports

Once you've added multiple widgets to your dashboard, you may want to resize and arrange them for a better fit.

A few helpful pointers

You can create as many dashboards as you like for different team members, different use cases, etc.

All widgets can be dragged, dropped, and resized once you’ve added them to your dashboard.

You can give custom titles to your widgets.

On your marketing metric widgets, you can choose to include/exclude specific campaigns.

You can create cross-platform comparisons in the same widget.

You can compare multiple metrics in the same widget.

What’s next

Once completed, the full version of Dashboards will be available as an add-on for all users for a small fee. Until then, you have unlimited access to your free trial as we continue to build out new features.

A few features and improvements you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  • Goals and targets
  • Facebook ads integration
  • Prefilters to exclude irrelevant campaigns
  • Dashboard templates
  • And more!

If you have any ideas for other features you'd like to see added to Dashboards, let us know at!