New Feature: Custom Email Reports

October 11, 2022

One of the suggestions on our feature request board that's received a lot of upvotes recently was already very much on our roadmap, and now we're excited to finally launch it.

PRO and PLUS members can now sign up to receive customized daily, weekly, and monthly email reports!

How it works

The new email reports are integrated into your Dashboards.

Whenever you build a custom dashboard (or create one from one of our templates), you can choose to have the metrics, gauges, and targets from that dashboard organized into an email report with a daily, weekly, or monthly timeframe.

You can then send these reports to up to 50 email addresses on a schedule of your choosing.

What's included

Any metric, gauge, or goal that's available in your dashboards can be included in your custom email report. This is a major expansion of available metrics compared to the KPIs that you're already receiving in your daily email report.

Available custom email report metrics include:

  • P&L metrics
  • Campaign-level marketing metrics
  • SMS & email metrics from Klaviyo (PLUS only)

Custom email reports can also translate each of the following widgets into a readable format on a daily/weekly/monthly timeframe:

  • Widgets that break down a metric by source
  • Widgets that compare two metrics
  • Gauge widgets
  • Goal widgets

The only dashboard widget category that won't be included in your email report is the Reports category (LTV cohorts report, New customer repurchase rate report, Returning customer repurchase rate report).

Custom email reports are separate from your daily email report of KPIs from your income statement, which you can manage here.

How to schedule a custom report

You can sign up to receive a daily/weekly/monthly email report for any custom dashboard you've created in Dashboards. Here's how:

  1. Click the “Email” button on any of your Dashboards
  2. Select whether to receive an email report of your dashboard's metrics daily, weekly, or monthly (you can choose more than option)
  3. If you chose a weekly report, specify the day of the week you want to receive it. If you chose a monthly report, specify the day of the month you want to receive it. (All reports will send at 7am local time on the specified day.)
  4. Enter the email addresses of whoever you'd like to receive each report.
  5. Click "Save".

We'd love to hear any feedback on the new features! Let us know at