February 2021 Release Notes

February 25, 2021

A few new features from the past month as we continue to work on some major updates that will launch this spring:

Snapchat and TikTok Integrations

Integrations with Snapchat Ads and TikTok Ads are now live and available for all users. Once you've linked your accounts in the Cost Data & Integrations tab, your profit dashboard and reports will automatically include any ad spend from these channels in your marketing costs.

CAC Payback Tool

For our Pro users, we’ve added a new “CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) payback” feature to the LTV report. This helps you visualize when a cohort becomes profitable - in other words, when your accumulated sales margin outweighs your customer acquisition cost. Check out your LTV report so see it in action!

As always, a big thanks goes out to our users who request these features. If there's any other feature or improvement you'd love to see, send us a message at hello@lifetimely.io to let us know what we can do better!