New Integration: Google Sheets

January 6, 2023

We built our new Google Sheets integration to address an issue that a few members recently raised.

Many sellers are consistently spending marketing dollars on podcasts, influencers, radio ads, and other channels that exist outside of standard ad accounts. But until now, the only way to properly track these costs in Lifetimely was with manual entries or frequent CSV imports. We needed a less time-intensive solution.

The simplest answer was an integration with Google Sheets.

With the new integration, you won’t need to import any of your costs to Lifetimely. Just choose from two spreadsheet templates - one  and one  (you can also choose both) - and list all of your custom costs in Google.

Then link your account to Lifetimely. From then on, we’ll automatically sync your spreadsheets to your Custom costs tab every 12 hours.

And of course, you can choose to stop syncing at any time.

How to connect Google Sheets for easier custom cost tracking:

  • Go to your Custom costs tab in Costs & expenses
  • Click the blue "Import costs" button
  • Click "Sync Google Sheet"
  • Authenticate the connection in your Google account
  • Back in your Lifetimely account, click on one of the "Follow this format on the spreadsheet" links to download a template of the required formats
  • Click File>Make a copy
  • Enter your custom costs into the spreadsheet
  • Copy a link of your Google Sheet
  • Return to Lifetimely and paste the link into the pop-up window
  • Click "Save" and allow up to two hours for the initial sync to complete

If run into any issues or have any questions about the above process, feel free to send us a message at, and we'll help get you sorted!