New Feature: Goals

June 10, 2022

One relatively common user request we've received about the Income Statement/Profit Dashboard is that despite the small green and red percentage icons that indicate how your metrics compare to previous periods, there was no way to define a metric target and track whether that metric is ahead of or behind pace towards achieving that goal.

This was one of many customization options we wanted to address with the new Dashboards tool.

The result is the new Goals feature, which is now live in your free trial of Dashboards beta. The feature allows you to add your own custom widgets that:

  • Set a target value for key metrics such as sales, net profit, new customers, returning customers, contribution margin, and more
  • Define a date range for your goal
  • Track your progress towards your goal
  • Calculate an average pace towards reaching your goal (viewable by hovering over the metric)
  • Call attention (via green/red text) to whether your numbers are on pace

These new goals widgets exist alongside your standard metric, marketing, and report widgets in your dashboards.

How to add a goal to your dashboard

To add a goal/target to your dashboard:

  1. Click on the Dashboards tab and select a dashboard (or add a new dashboard)
  2. Instead of clicking "Add report, click "Add goal"
  3. Select a metric. For now we have 12 metrics available, and we’ll continue to add more.
  4. Enter a target value and date range
  5. Click “Add to dashboard”
  6. (Resize and/or drag to another part of your dashboard if you'd like)

Keep an eye out for more improvements and features in the next few weeks, including a Facebook Ads integration, campaign exclusion prefilters, dashboard templates, and more!

And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, just let us know at