New report filters: Order value and Discount %

June 28, 2022

The next time you open your LTV cohorts report (or any other customer behavior report with filtering options), be sure to check out the two newest filters: Order value and Discount %.

You can find them in the “Other” category of your filters. Both filters work on a sliding scale, meaning you can set a lower and upper bound on the values you’d like to include in your report.

Order value

The Order value filter first order allows you to select only those customers whose first orders were within a specified range of values. The available range on your slider is automatically set by the minimum and maximum first orders in your order history.

A few potential applications:

  • Are customers more likely to repurchase if their first orders are higher or lower than an average order? Run separate Repurchase rate reports filtering for different ranges of order values.
  • Do customers with larger first orders repurchase on a different timeline than customers with smaller first orders? Try applying filters on the Time between orders report.

Discount %

The Discount % filter lets you select only those customers who applied discount codes on their first orders within a specified range. You can select between 0-100% discounts.

A sample use case:

  • Do steep discount codes - say over 50% - help you attract loyal customers or just low-LTV bargain hunters? Apply the Discount % filter to your LTV report to look for meaningful differences.

If you can think of any other filters you’d find useful, you can add them to our feature request page or send us a message at

And keep an ear out for another wave of new Dashboards features launching soon!