New features: Product Journey filters and report options

November 10, 2022

We're working hard to ship some brand new reports over the coming weeks, but earlier this week we also launched a few improvements to the Product Journey report.

The report now offers:

  • Filters - The same filtering options included on some of your other reports can now be applied to product journeys.
  • New report breakdown options - You can now see your reports broken out by order tag and vendor.

Let's look a bit closer at each new feature.

Update 1: Filters

You're already familiar with the filtering features from the LTV report (and a few other customer behavior reports). Those same filters are now available on the product journey, which allows you to drill much deeper into the patterns underlying your customer repurchases.

An example of the type of question that can now be investigated using the new filters: How much are your customer journeys influenced by marketing channel?

To answer this, try running a separate report filtering for each of your most common marketing sources. How much do your journeys vary between channels? Does one of your marketing sources lead customers to more quickly purchase a subscription product (or other high-value product)?

Update 2: New breakdown options

The product journey report is obviously a product-centric report, which is why the original report breakdown options (in the "Product journey by" dropdown menu) were limited to Product, Product variant, Product type, and SKU.

We've now expanded that list with "order tag" and "vendor" to account for:

  • Sellers with well-organized order tags that categorize their products more intuitively than "product type"
  • Sellers whose customers purchase from different vendors

So let's say for example that you tag your orders with separate tags based on different promotions you've offered to encourage repurchases. If you run your report by the new "order tag" breakdown option, you can identify the most common sequences of promotions that customers have applied when repurchasing, which might influence how you market your promotions going forward.

What's next?

Some big updates are in the works, with new reports soon to launch in both the "Lifetime value" and "Customer behavior" categories. Stay tuned for those launches!

You can also take a look at our feature request board to see which suggestions we're working on and which are planned for next year.

And of course, if you have any questions, feedback, or recommendations, you can always send us a message at!