New Filter: Product Tags

September 23, 2022

The LTV report already includes dozens of filtering options, but a few users pointed out recently that we lacked a potentially useful one: Shopify product tags.

So this week, we began pulling product tags in from Shopify and added a “Product tag (first order)” filter to the LTV report and other customer behavior reports. This filter will help with analysis of tagged collections of products that don’t necessarily all belong to the same product type.

For example, you may sell a collection of nutrition supplements of different product types that all have the same flavor. If you’ve added “flavor” tags to each of these products in Shopify, then you can analyze differences in LTV and repurchase rates among customers who purchased different flavors on their first orders.

A few things to note:

The request for this filter came through our feature request board. Feel free to add your own request or upvote any of the submissions already on there!