New Integration: ShipBob

January 6, 2023

After building integrations with ShipStation and Shopify Shipping, we're now live with another new 3PL provider integration! PRO and PLUS plan members who use ShipBob can now automatically sync their shipping costs to Lifetimely. Here's how:

How to connect your account:

To link your ShipBob account to Lifetimely:

  1. Click this link or go to your Integrations tab and click on the Shipbob icon
  2. Click "Connect ShipBob"
  3. Log in to your ShipBob account to authorize Lifetimely to sync your data

💡 Note: Your shipping costs will automatically convert to your store's currency (assuming the currency is an available option).

How your shipping costs will be calculated:

Once you've linked your ShipBob account, all shipping data we pull will be prioritized over any other shipping cost data you've entered into Lifetimely. (The same is true if you connect a ShipStation account or use Shopify Shipping.)

We will only default to other shipping cost data you've entered into Lifetimely if your ShipBob account reports null values. If you'd like to review the logic we apply to calculate shipping costs in different scenarios, feel free to check out the Shipping Costs Explained article in our help center.

What's next?

Do you use a 3PL provider other than ShipStation and ShipBob that you'd like us to integrate? Let us know on our feature request board or by emailing us at