New Feature: Shopify App Subscription Tracking

November 3, 2022

This week, we launched a solution for the #1 most upvoted feature request on our feature request board.

Historically, the only way to track your Shopify and Shopify App subscription costs has been to manually add them as recurring costs in your Custom costs tab.

We built an automated process to fix that. Going forward, you can simply upload your Shopify billing history to Lifetimely. We’ll automatically add all of your Shopify-related subscriptions to your Custom costs tab, where you can easily review them or toggle them on/off.

There’s also a new Shopify & Apps line item in your Income Statement under “Operating Expenses” where you can track the sum of these costs.

And if you'd like to add any other custom costs, the new CSV import feature can accommodate those as well.

These features are available to all BASIC, PRO, and PLUS users.

Let’s take a closer look at what this all looks like in practice.

Adding your Shopify subscriptions to the Custom costs tab

There are two major steps to adding your subscriptions to your account:

  1. Download your billing history from Shopify
  2. Import your billing history to Lifetimely in the Custom costs tab

To download your billing history from Shopify:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Billing
  2. Click “View all billing history” in the Recent Bills section
  3. Click Export CSV file
  4. Select “Current Page”
  5. Select CSV format
  6. Click “Export invoices”. You’ll receive the file as an email attachment at the email address associated with your Shopify account

To upload your billing history file to Lifetimely:

  1. Go to the Custom costs tab of your Costs & Expenses
  2. Click the “Shopify & Apps costs” button
  3. Click “Import CSV”
  4. Click “Upload data from file”
  5. Select your CSV file 
  6. Review your data for errors (and manually import any other entries if you'd like)
  7. Click "Continue"

💡 Once your data is imported, it's worth taking a minute to review all the new entries. If you've previously entered any subscriptions manually, you can delete these by clicking on the trash bin icon next to the Cost description. You can also edit any costs by clicking on the pencil icon.

To import any other custom costs in bulk

If there are any other custom costs you'd like to add in a single upload, you can take advantage of the new import feature by clicking the "Import CSV" button and either uploading a CSV file or entering your data manually.

Tracking your Shopify subscription costs

Once you've successfully added your costs, you'll see the sum of all Shopify plan and Shopify App subscriptions in your Income Statement. You can find the total in the "Shopify & Apps" line in the Operating Expenses section of your statement:

If you have any questions or feedback about the new features, we'd love to hear them! Just send us a message at

And if you'd like to see or vote on the top suggestions for new features, be sure to check out our feature request board if you haven't already!