New Feature: Gauges

July 26, 2022

Last month we launched Goals widgets, which allow you to set metric targets and track your progress towards reaching them.

These widgets make sense for metrics that add up to a sum total - something like net profit or number of returning customers. You enter a goal and a date, the app calculates a target pace, and you can easily see how you’re progressing.

But what about a metric like CAC or AOV? We needed a different option for metrics representing an average or a ratio, where the objective is usually to keep a value inside or outside a specified range rather than hit a target.

That’s why we’ve just added the new gauge visualization option to your custom dashboards.

When adding a gauge, you can define a range of values where a metric appears in a green “success” zone and a range where it appears in a red “warning” zone. (Anything in between will automatically be a white neutral zone.)

Once you've added multiple gauges to your dashboard, you can easily scan to see which metrics are on target and which require your attention.

How to add a gauge

  1. Select a custom dashboard and click "Edit".
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and click "Add report".
  3. Select “gauge” as the layout option.
  4. Choose a metric.
  5. Enter a minimum and maximum value for the gauge's end points.
  6. If you've chosen a metric where lower values are better (ex. CAC or % Refunds), click the "Warning" button and switch it to "Success".
  7. Enter the minimum value for the metric to appear in the gauge's green “success” zone (or vice versa).
  8. Enter the maximum value for the metric to appear in the gauge's red “warning” zone (or vice versa).
  9. Click "Add to dashboard" and then "Save".

Gauges are available for: AOV, Average number of items, Blended CAC, Blended ROAS, New customer AOV, New customer ROAS, % COGS, % Marketing, % Net margin, % Refunds, % Repeat, % Repeat net sales, Profit per new customer, and Repeat customer AOV.

If you have any questions on how this works or suggestions for improvements, we'd love to hear them! Just email us at